Young Bangkok Woman Becomes World’s Youngest MMA Champion

By | March 22, 2017

At the age of nineteen Angela Lee secured the ONE Championship women’s atomweight title which made her the youngest MMA champion in the world. This was no easy task and the world has been put on notice to recognize Ms. Lee’s incredible accomplishment. Lee has been fighting since she was she was a very small child and fights in the atomweight division which is the lightest weight division that is widely recognized in mixed martial arts globally. This poses a strong risk for all fighters in this division because at about 110 pounds each these fighters are at a high risk of injury due to their weight combined with the much faster pace of the fights in which they compete.
Lee has become one of the most renowned fighters in Asia and is know gaining a bunch of international attention as well. Her whole family always trained in martial arts and she was no exception – she said she has practiced martial arts for as long as she can remember. It was her father who got her to train in various different disciplines of martial arts so as to give her the most diverse foundation possible. This is really what she credits as helping her the most in MMA.
After she earned her championship last year Lee went on to get rewarded handsomely and is now one of the top paid women in MMA across the world. She is now only looking forward in her career, still only twenty years old. Next, she intends to continue fighting for her Evolve team in the ONE league. After a few more fights she is considering a possible jump in a weight class which potentially help propel her to the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship one day. However, until that day comes she has said she is definitely enjoying basking in her moment.

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