Twelve Year Girl To Make Her Professional MMA Debut In Japan

By | April 28, 2017

A twelve year old girl known only as MoMo will make her professional Mixed Martial Arts debut in three weeks in Japan. She will be tasked with fighting a twenty four year old who weighs a full ten pounds more than she does which is exacerbated by the fact that they both weigh less than a hundred pounds to begin with. Momo weighing 85 Lbs and her opponent, Momoko Yamazaki, weighing in at 95 lbs. Thankfully, striking to the head while on the ground will not be allowed and both fighters will be wearing headgear. However, all standard regulations and rules will be in place for the fight with the exception of the catch-weight at which both fighters have agreed to fight.
How is something like this even in the realm of possibility you ask? Well, in Japan these sorts of fights have little to no regulations in place regarding a situation like this so it’s sort of a loophole so to speak. As for MoMo herself, she was bullied for almost all of her life in school. So, she obviously started training in mixed martial arts at a very young age. That being said, she has only been training (including very basic martial arts training as a child) for just under seven years.
The fight will be held at “Deep Jewels 16” on May 20th. MoMo trains out of Hakuhinkai Karate, which is a fairly notable Japanese training center and program. The event is expected to sell out quickly as soon as tickets go on sale and will be televised in Japan.

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