St. Pierre To Retire If He Loses ANY Fight In The Future

By | June 1, 2017

UFC legend Georges St. Pierre will call it quits once he loses one fight during his comeback. So it may very well be one and done for GSP on his comeback tour. It also might not be. One thing is for certain though – he will fight and it will very likely be in November at Madison Square Garden in New York. Whether or not it will be Michael Bisping is another uncertainty. GSP lost his chance to fight Bisping right away recently when UFC President Dana White cancelled the fight after St. Pierre announced he would not be ready to fight until November.
In the interim, Bisping will fight another contender for his defense of his UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 213 in Vegas. One could reason that if Bisping successfully defends his title in July his next fight very well could be GSP in November. Either way, GSP is all in on winning his next fight no matter who it’s against. He said he made the preemptive decision to go back into retirement if he loses just one fight because he always fights his absolute best when his back is against the wall.
He also added that he’s in the best shape of his life right now which he attributes to a very special diet, something he hasn’t done before. That being said, the hold up with the potential July date with Bisping was that although he considers himself in the best shape he’s ever been, he’s not in shape to fight Bisping AKA he’s fifteen pounds too heavy and he openly admitted he will need more time to cut that weight before meeting the UFC Middleweight Champ in the Octagon. Will this be it for Georges St. Pierre or will he reign over the UFC again? No ones really too sure, we just know that we will have to wait until at least November to see.