NY Boxing Title Fights Are In Trouble Thanks To MMA

By | September 13, 2016

Mixed martial arts were just legalized in New York a few weeks ago and already having far reaching effects. Some, however, aren’t so good. Part of the legalization of MMA entailed that insurance costs and coverage for combat sports would increase five fold. Due to this many promoters have said on the record that they can no longer afford the insurance bond and will take their business outside of the state.
New York has already lost one title fight to Pennsylvania because of the issue. With the high likelyhood of a massive success for the UFC’s first New York bouts in early November there is no end in sight for the higher insurance costs. This likely means lower to mid-level title fights will be held in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut from now on with New York only holding prime level title fights that are able to easily recoup any lost insurance costs.
No comment has been made by the WBC or UFC at this time.

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