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C.M. Punks Grappling Is All Smoke And Mirrors

The proof was in the pudding at UFC 203 on September 10th. C.M. Punk is not ready for an all out MMA fight as he lost in convincing fashion. His stand up offense and defense was fair at best but his ground game was miserably bad. Many had heard and thought going into the bout that C.M. Punk’s biggest asset was his grappling but, as it turned out, it was the worst part of his fight game. He did endure about two minutes on the ground but all that turned out to be was just a testament to his will rather than his grappling skills. He was maliciously pounded and did no damage to his opponent himself until the fight was finally called over and done with.
Many are wondering where this leaves C.M. Punk’s future now that he was border-line embarrassed. In the end, that is entirely up to him. He did show he was conditioned enough for a fight and did show enough promise that he might put a better effort forth in a future fight. That alone is enough for the UFC to give him another shot at fighting because of the cult viewership he commands from the WWE crowds. Will he want to actually fight again? No one can be sure. The only thing we can be sure of after a fight like this is that for such a short bout C.M. Punk was rewarded handsomely with a purse clocking in at a half million bucks – not bad for getting your ass kicked!