Anderson Silva VS Conor Mcgregor!?!

By | January 27, 2017

Anderson Silva hasn’t won a fight in over three long years but he’s still as much of a competitor as he’s ever been. He’s now eyeing a mega-fight with superstar Conor McGregor. Yes, you read that correctly a fight between current UFC pride Conor “Notorious” McGregor and all-time UFC legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Now, let’s be honest there’s almost zero chance this will ever even come close to happening but it is fun to think about and that is exactly what Anderson Silva is doing.
Silva does have an actual fight coming up on February 11th in Brooklyn at UFC 208 against Derek Brunson. But he’s still thinking about the potential super-fight with McGregor. “I’d like to test myself against Conor because he’s an interesting martial artist,His stand-up game is an intelligent game. Not because he’s champion now, but for the martial arts challenge. I’d like to see how these stand-up techniques, his and mine, would mix, and how that would go. But not to fight for a belt or anything like that. For the challenge, an interest, that thing about knowing how a fight like this would go” said Silva of the potential bout.
The problem is that the two would need to compete at a catch-weight. McGregor is currently competing at 155 pounds but did fight Nate Diaz twice in the past year and a half at 170 pounds. Silva normally competes at 185 pounds but feels he could get down to as low as 178 or even 175 pounds in order to fight McGregor. So it remains a possibility but a distant one at that. So far, McGregor has not commented on this possible fight and nothing else has been heard of it.